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And why not? Let everyone help to make this a reality! Please, share the project with Bulgarians abroad. They may not live in Bulgaria, but they bring it in their hearts and can help to raise the Bulgarian self-esteem and the development of the economy.


Main aims of the project:
А. To make Bulgarian folklore dances popular worldwide. To give a chance of THE MAGIC OF THE BULGARIAN FOLKLORE DANCE TO CONQUERE THE WHOLE WORLD! The Bulgarian folklore is the world's richest in rhythms folklore. It has an important contribution to the musical culture of Europe and the world. Its amazing abudance should not stay hidden. The Bulgarian folkore is in what Bulgaria is a world leader. Professional dancers notice that the Bulgarian folk dances positively impact pople's health. Active dancers extremely rarely have cancers or spinal curvature. If this observation obtain a scientific justification, this would lead to a global interest in Bulgarian folklore dances. UNFORTUNATELY, DUE TO A LOW NATIONAL CONFIDENCE, MUSIC IN BULGARIA IS MAINLY COPPIED FROM OTHER COUNTRIES: 'Old urban music' - copies music from Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, France, 'pop music' - copies music from the USA, Italy and England, 'folk music/chalga' - copies music from the Greek, Serbian and Gypsy rhythms.AND THE GREAT MUSICAL AND CULTURAL HERITAGE OF THE BULGARIANS GRADUALLY DISAPPEARED AND IS DESTROYED. THIS IS A BIG LOSS NOT ONLY FOR THE BULGARIANS, BUT FOR THE WHOLE WORLD.
B. To help the approval of the 'MADE IN BULGARIA' label. All Bulgarian industries to unite in a common goal and to show their advantages on the global market. Bulgarian folklore dances and fashion can help a lot with their attractiveness for the realization of this project:
- there are more than 1,000 choreographers and more than 100,000 folklore dancers in Bulgaria, dancing in professional and amateur groups;
- the Bulgarian fashion industry has over 150,000 employees in 3,500 companies. The collections of many world famous brands are produced in Bulgaria.  
The approval of the 'MADE IN BULGARIA' label would be good for the Bulgarian economy. This will keep the existing work places and will create new ones.


We, from RICHMART VINTAGE, will share some of our ideas:
1. We appeal to all the Bulgarians in the country and abroad - to buy and promote garments produced in Bulgaria /Bulgarian factories produce collections for many world famous brands. Through the purchase of Bulgarian clothing you will receive high quality at an affordable price and will support the Bulgarian economy/;
**RICHMART company has a special offer for all local citizens and guests of Ruse - the opportunity to buy high quality men's suits at a wholesale prices. Clothes make the first impression, so a good looking business person will have a higher self esteem and will reach his life goals much more easier.  
10 % of every purchase at the company store, will be donated to a foundation for the popularization of the Bulgarian folklore dances (RICHMART is the most modern factory for made-to-measure men's suits in Europe with more than 600 employees and a capacity of over 1,000 suits per day. RICHMART produces collections for world famous brands from over 30 countries).
2. We appeal to all Bulgarians working and studying abroad - start your own store for ready-to-wear garments, produced in Bulgaria or become an agent of a Bulgarian brand for the country where you currently live in.
**RICHMART has an offer how to start a business with custom-made men's suits - free franchise system Made to Measure & Made to Order. This would allow to be opened more than 800 outlets worldwide offering high quality men's suits at competitive prices.
Made-To-Order and Made-to-Measure - the new fashion formula in men's suit market
B. How to support other Bulgarian industries:
- to all Bulgarians working and studying abroad - become sales agents of Bulgarian products.

C. How to support Bulgarian folklore dances to enter new stages:
1. TO BE CREATED A NEW AEROBIC STYLE, BASED ON THE DIVERSITY OF THE BULGARIAN FOLKLORE DANCE (currently Zumba, Pilates and Kangoo are modern, but Bulgarian dances are much more attractive - it is enough to give them a proper form).
*To professors and doctors in medicine:
– to give their expert opinion on the positive impact of the Bulgarian folklore dances for human's health. To write articles or make videos in English and other foreign languages;
- to work for the scientific justification of the active dancer's observation that people who dance regularly, have cancer or spinal curvature extremely rarely. This would lead to a global interest in Bulgarian folklore dances.
*To fitness instructors, aerobic trainers and choreographers:
- to create a new aerobic style, based on the diversity of the Bulgarian folklore dances.
*To dance ensembles and amateur clubs:
- to make videos of their training, which to inspire aerobic clubs;
- dancers to make videos how dances impact their lifes and to share it via Internet (in Bulgarian, English, German, etc.).
*To the choreographers of modern ballet:
- to include folk dances elements in their performances.

2. To the choreographers of Bulgarian folklore dances /more than 1,000 in Bulgaria/:
- to create a foundation, keeping Bulgarian folklore;
- to put the focus on one or two folklore dances from each region /Dobrudjanska, Shopluka, Miziya, Trakiya, Rodopi, Makedoniya/ and give the world the opportunity to get to know our culture. The world already knows Sirtaki, Tango, Rumba, Salsa, and if we come together in one general idea we would be able to reach the same level of popularity/;
- to create a choreography for Bulgarian folklore dances, which can be performed to contemporary music /pop, hip-hop, rap, jazz, rock, etc./. In this way, Bulgarian folklore dances will reach new stages - music videos, fashion shows - at the presentation of collections, clubs, discos, advertising campaigns, corporate parties, proms, weddings;
- to create show performances with Bulgarian folklore dances /like Lord of the dance and their modern interpretation of Celtic dances/;
- to be made a research - which show bands, dance groups and ensembles from other countries, dancing their traditional dances are world famous and how did they do it;
- to be established NATIONAL FOLKLORE ENSEMBLE, which to make a world tour /Each group of professional dancers to choose one couple and using their budgets and sponsorship to complete the initiative/;
- to be made a project for a Guinness world record including Bulgarian folklore dances - this would be a good publicity;
- each choreographer to create a dance school to give over his skills to the amateurs;
- to promote video tutorials of folklore dances;
- to create franchise 'how to create a dance school for Bulgarian folklore dances worldwide';

3. To the Ministry of Tourism:
- to advertise the biggest festivals in Bulgaria to gain worldwide fame. This will attract many tourists/like the Festival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for example/

4. To Bulgarian tour operators:
- to develop the folklore tourism in Bulgaria;
- to develop tourist packages, offering Bulgarian folklore dance trainings (and video records of them) as an attraction;
- to participate in international tourism fairs with packages for folklore tourism in Bulgaria.

5. To the Ministry of Education and Science:
- to hold national competitions in folklore dances between schools;
- to create textbooks about the Bulgarian folklore;
- to conduct classes in dancing with professional dancers for teachers.

6. To all Bulgarian fashion designers:
- to include traditional Bulgarian embroidery and symbols in their collections /in 2014, world famous fashion designers John Galliano and Gucci used Bulgarian folklore motifs in their creations/ /You can participate with your designs in RICHMART VINTAGE contest for fashion designers;
- in the presentation of their collections to include not only models, but also Bulgarian folklore dancers.

7. To modeling agencies:
– to include Bulgarian folklore dancers as their faces.

8. To Bulgarian musicians and singers:
– to include Bulgarian folklore elements in their music and videos.

9. To a world-famous musicians and DJs:
- to be invited to include Bulgarian rhythms and elements of Bulgarian folklore dances in their music and videos.

10. To Bulgarian emigrants:
- all the Bulgarians in the world to celebrate May 24th (Sunday) by organizing a huge Bulgarian horo in the city, where they live and to make video records, which to share via Internet. To invite journalist to cover the event. To give prizes for biggest, most attractive and etc. horo.

11. To all Bulgarian emigrants associations:
- to participate more actively in the promotion of Bulgarian folklore.

12. To all Bulgarian embassies:
- to participate more actively in the promotion of Bulgarian folklore.
13. To the graduates::
- include in your prom garments, Bulgarian embroidery and symbols. That's how you will support Bulgarian folklore and fashion industry. In 2014 John Galliano and Gucci used Bulgarian folklore motifs in their creations. / Participate in RICHMART VINTAGE for fashion designers.
- support Bulgarian folklore dances, inviting to your proms professional or amateur dancers. /Participate with your videos at the RICHMART VINTAGE!/

14. To brides and grooms:
- invite Bulgarian folklore dance groups to your weddings / Participate with your videos at the RICHMART VINTAGE!/

15. To restaurants and clubs:
- to offer special discounts to local dance groups and give them a stage to show what they can. In this way, dancers will have their permanent stage and will take care of the good mood and pleasant atmosphere in restaurants and clubs.

- Rousse City Center Square creates a sense of sophistication and would be a perfect stage for Bulgarian folklore;
- Ruse has a good strategic location - it is near Bucharest /70 km/ - 2 million people population (together with the near towns around Bucharest - total 5 million);
- Ruse is located near the modern Romanian airport Otopeni /90 km/, which gives the perspective of 20 million passengers annually.

17. To the companies:
- Bulgarian folklore elements to be included in the adverts and logos of Bulgarian products;
- to invite dance groups to Bulgarian and international trade fairs to create a unique atmosphere for the presentation of the companies' products;
- to support local dance groups in their participation in national and international folklore festivals;
- to invite folklore dance groups to their company parties;
- to learn their foreign business partners to learn the steps of at least one Bulgarian dance during official dinners;
- to create the practice during the workday to spend 5-10 minutes dancing folklore dances to create a pleasant working atmosphere and eliminate stress. We, from RICHMART do it!
- to support the foundation of a folklore dance group in the company. RICHMART FORMATION

18. To media:
- to promote all choreographers and dance groups for Bulgarian folklore dances;
- to create interesting articles and TV/online shows for Bulgarian folklore, which to cause global interest and to reflect the success of the Bulgarian folklore in Bulgaria and abroad;
- to seek media support from world media.

19. To Bulgarian celebrities /politicians, artists, athletes, etc./:
- to participate as promoters of Bulgarian folklore worldwide;
- to participate in folk dances for charity /like the charity sport events/;
- to be engaged world-famous people as promoters of the project;
- to seek for support foreigners, who love Bulgarian folklore.

20. To Bulgarian scriptwriters, producers and directors:
- to create movies about the wealth of Bulgarian folklore, its diversity and heritage in Bulgarian, English and other languages.

21. To filmmakers:
- to capture flash mobs of Bulgarian folklore dances at different and interesting places worldwide (horo at Antarctica, for example).

22. To global film studios:
- to invite them to make movies about the diversity and wealth of Bulgarian folklore. Let everyone knows Bulgarian folklore, because it is a world heritage /If Hollywood likes the idea, Bulgarian dancers will be in the leading roles. Bulgarian folklore dances would be very interesting material for a documentary on National Geographic, Discovery Channel, etc./

23. To marketing consultants and advertising agencies:
- to develop a overall concept for the project;
- to create a national symbol and logo of the Bulgarian folklore dances.

24. To sponsors:
- to be invited sponsors, who would support the idea Bulgarian folklotr dances to gain a world fame;
- to create a foundation, supporting the creation of dance schools for Bulgarian folklore dances worldwide;
- to participate in European projects for the development of folklore tourism.

25. To everyone, who supports the project:
- to be made a research - how many dance groups and schools for Bulgarian folklore dances there are in Bulgaria / professional and amateur / - Put as a comment to the article folk dance groups and schools that you know;
- to be made a research - how many dance groups and schools for Bulgarian folklore dances there are abroad / professional and amateur / - Put as a comment to the article folk dance groups and schools that you know;
- to be made a research - in which popular movies, clips and fashion collections are included Bulgarian folklore motifs.

* In 2014 John Galliano and Gucci used Bulgarian folklore motifs in their collections;
*In 19th - 20th century, asymmetric meters step in the world symphonic music, jazz, rock;
*In Part Three of Tchaikovsky's Pathetic symphony, 'Money' by Pink Floyd, in the art of Bella, Bartok, Gustav Holst, Dave Brubeck, Philip Glass, Kate Bush, George Harrison and others;
*Bulgarian rhythms are included in the James Cameron's blockbuster 'Avatar';
*The song 'Malka moma' (Young maiden) was featured in the film 'Colibri' with Jason Statham;
*John Creamer and Phil Collins have also worked on remixes of Bulgarian traditional songs;
*World famous DJ, Armin van Buuren, also pays attention to the Bulgarian folklore music. In his radio show 'A State Of Trance', he has broadcasted a song by Bulgarian DJ Stan Kolev, known for his remixes of folklore songs;
*Bulgarian song 'Izlel e Delio Haidutin' has made Valya Balkanska world-famous, when it was included in the Golden Record of 'Voyager' and flew as a message beyond Earth in 1977.

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